Wrist Cuffs

Wrist Cuffs


    Introducing LDD Leather Works' 3-inch wide premium Leather wristbands, thoughtfully designed with an interior zipper pocket to securely hold your cash. Ideal for those moments when you're sporting only a jockstrap and boots! Crafted from the softest, most supple leather, these wristbands offer a comfortable fit against the skin. With time, they mold and age, enhancing their appeal and becoming an extension of you. The contrasting silver snaps against the classic black leather not only add a touch of style but also serve as a discreet signal for your preference, be it top, bottom, or versatile.


    Small-6.5"  //  Medium-7.25" //  Large-8" //  Extra Large-10"

    Credit Cards and Keys will not comfortably fit in our Wrist cuffs.